Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cliff and Ang through the years

Today is our 4 year anniversary! In some ways, it seems like it should be so much more than 4 years, since we've been together for 8 years, but in other ways, it seems like no time ago that we were just college kids dating. I was digging in our storage closet for something the other night and ran across some old photos, and I thought I'd share some of us over the years.

Here we are in August of 2001 before we began dating. We were on the student newspaper staff at Co-Lin, and this photo was taken at the club fair at the beginning of the semester. We became friends our freshman year, and started dating in the fall of our sophomore year, not long after this pic. What babies we were, just 19 years old!

Very early in our relationship. This was the first of many, many sporting events that we would attend together.

I worked for a photographer while attending Co-Lin, and Cliff came by to take me to lunch one day. Johnny, my boss, asked us to pose for a quick pic to test out his Christmas backdrop. So cheesy, but I love this memory.

Memphis Grizzlies game, 2002. Look at all that hair Cliff had!

Co-Lin graduation, May 2002

Fred and Wilma- Halloween, 2003

Weekend in Memphis, 2003. This was during the era of the J-Lo newsboy caps. One of the many fashion choices I now regret.
Katie took this pic of Cliff the morning he went to talk to my parents before he asked me to marry him. December, 2003 New Years, 2003. Cheering for Southern Miss at the Liberty Bowl the day after we got engaged.

Spongebob surprise birthday party my roomate, Kathryn and I threw for Cliff while we were in grad school- November 2004.

Still engaged, ha. Easter, 2005

The photo we used for our engagement announcement, Spring 2005

June 4th, 2005- Cliff's reaction when he saw me in my wedding dress for the first time.

Oh, how I wish I could wear this dress every day!

Honeymoon in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Last summer at the beach with Mimi in my tummy. We had just found out she was a girl and we were so happy!

Happiest day of our life. Our first family photo- October, 2008

Amelia's baby dedication, March 2009. We are still so thankful for her!

Happy Anniversary, Cliffy! I can't wait to celebrate on our cruise!


Deare Diary said...

I am glad that you shared these pictures. I had forgotten just how much you favored your mom. This was a fun post to read and see.
Love ya,
Aunt Judy

Amanda Smith said...

These are great! Such good memories!

lindeymagee said...

happy anniversary to you both! i have to say, looking at all the cliff photos; i see him in miss amelia more than ever :o)

...a cruise...i'm sooo jealous! chuck & i did one several years ago for our anniversary & it was possibly the best time the two of us have ever had together!