Monday, June 15, 2009

Mega-photo update

I realized that I had updated my facebook albums, but had not updated here in a while with some of our fun randoms of Amelia from the last few weeks. These are for you aunts, uncles and grandparents who count on the blog for your Amelia fix. So here you go:

Helping with the laundry

Hanging out with her buddy, Tucker at Ella's birthday party. Amelia was such a bully. Here she is tugging on poor Tuck's ear. He didn't really seem to mind. These two were born 5 days apart.

There will never be a shortage of playmates with the Smiths around! Cousins Braden, Tucker and Ella, plus Amelia. I love how they're all looking at each other here.
Ella in her Big Sister shirt (baby brother or sister due in January) pushing Amela in her new doll stroller. Ella's dad is Cliff's childhood friend, Chad. We hope our girls grow up to be great friends.

How could I resist sharing another cute pool pic? What you don't see is that 5 seconds after snapping this photo, Amelia fell face first into the water. Oops. Bad mommy. At least I got a cute photo. Whatever it takes- right, Lindey?

While Cliff was at basketball camp, Amelia enjoyed spending time with her aunts, Katie and Mare. Aunt Katie of course took a few pics. Here are a couple of our big girl who thinks it's ok to walk without learning to crawl first.

Love this one. Lookat me! I haven't even spent a night in my crib yet, but here I am standing up in it. Time for Daddy to lower the mattress already.

Getting her very first pedicure at the salon with Aunt Katie. Amelia relaxed and read her book while cousin Megan painted her toenails.

Katie took this one of us after church a couple of weeks ago. One of our few smiling pics together. Amelia was wearing a precious dress her Grammy got for her.

Amelia dropped in on Memaw and Papaw the other day, and they were just tickled to death to see her. She is always napping when they come to visit, so they just ate her up while she was laughing and playing.
And when she got tired and needed a nap, sweet Papaw Fred rocked her to sleep. Precious.
And lastly, here is our girl yesterday after church. I was just about to change her into play clothes but we ran outside for a quick photo on the bench in her sweet blue dress. Gone are the days of a photo of every single outfit. It was fun while it lasted, but it is just not practical with every day life. I have to remind myself to actually enjoy being with her, instead of constantly wanting to stop and photograph every single moment, ha. But when I do stop to get a cute pic, I'm always glad I did!

So consider yourself up to date on our Mimi. Hopefully I'll be able to get some videos uploaded soon so our out of town family can see just how big she has gotten. We're heading into her 8th month very soon. Where does the time go?


Alison said...

I love the new pics! I must admit that I check in frequently to see the latest styles and cuteness of Miss A. She is my baby girl fashion icon.

Angela said...

Thanks, Alison! That is the highest compliment Amelia has ever received! That Will is a cutie himself. If only we lived closer, I'm sure they would have fabulous playdates together.

lindeymagee said...

right! ...whatever it takes :o)

i love the rocking to sleep pic & that little blue dress...precious.

i felt good reading that amelia hasn't spent a night in her crib. pailyn is still in her basinet beside me; sleeping her 11+ hour stretch. i'm just too scared to mess with a good thing!!