Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am heartbroken. I have lost every photo that has ever been on my blog since 2008! That's why you see the black boxes where photos should be. For some reason, all 600 of my blog photos were suddenly stored on my Samsung Galaxy taking up all of the photo space. I knew that I had them on my blog too and wouldn't need them so I deleted them. Now they have disappeared from my blog, and I am pretty sure they are gone forever! This has something to do with Google, Gmail being on my phone and Picasa Web Albums all being synched, but I am too tech-un-savvy to understand it all. I have most of the photos backed up in one place or another, but it would take me weeks to go back and find them and put them back into my blog posts. I am so upset! Just thought I'd update so  the four people who read my blog would know why there are no more photos.

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