Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Amelia is really in such a sweet stage this days. Gone are the strong-willed tatrums that I thought were going to be the death of me a year and a half ago. She has grown into a very sweet, polite and obedient child (Most of the time.) I can't brag as if this is due to my superb parenting. I think it's just her nature. Although we did have ourselves quite a season of disciplining during that time. She is such a little pleaser. She loves to be praised and to make us proud of her.

She is also more hilarious than ever these days. I have so many things that we've laughed at that she has said or done and I've thought, I need to blog that so I won't forget it. But sure enough, I forget it. Here are just a few of her Mimi-isms from lately:
  • "I shouldn't brought my sunglasses." (I should have brought my sunglasses.)
  • Tavle, Bath tuv, Mrs. Devvie... (table, bath tub, Mrs. Debbie. She substitutes some of her b's for v's. I love it so much, I can't bear to correct her. )
  • "I drinked all my water just like you, Mama!"
  • "I'm actually not very hungry."
  • "I have very important work to do." (This usually consists of making a huge mess with colors and/or stickers. So really, it's just giving me more important work to do. But funny nonetheless.)
  • "I want to watch Max and Ruvy (Ruby) at their house." For some reason she calls the show this as if it's the name of the show. I guess she prefers the episodes of them at their house over the "on-location"episodes.
  • calls Ruvy's friend Louise "Baweeze."
  • "Bless your sweet heart," to her doll, Annalee when she fell off the couch.
  • "Mama, can I have a sister next time? I want to name her Eloise." (Um, next time? Sorry, sister.)
  • "What are we going to do with this baby?" (said in frustration when G is crying hysterically)
  • "If SOMEONE would get their CHILD off their boob, they could come dance with me." (This was said in a sassy tone when she wanted me to have a dance party with her while I was nursing brother. LHM.)
  • "My mama says..." This is a common phrase that she uses with people other than me and Cliff, supposedly to add credibility to whatever she is about to say. It may or may not be followed by something I've actually said. When spending the night with my parents recently, after a very full and exhausting day of fishing and playing at the creek, my mama dozed off on the couch. Amelia told her, "Grammy! My mama says this is a playdate, NOT a sleepover!"
  • "I catched a fish!"
  • "I love you to the moon and back...I love you thiiiissss much (stretches arms out)....I love you more than Mama!" (This is her little game she plays with whoever is putting her to bed at the time. She is trying to prompt the other parent to tickle her and force her to say she loves us the best.
  • "Thank you, God for my brother. Please help me to be the best big sister I can be." (Melt. My. Heart. She didn't come up with this all on her own. She got it from me praying and thanking God for my children and praying to be the best mama I can be.)
  • She also "reads" books all the time and loves nothing more than to be read to. She often talks like her fairytales. For example, she'll often say we "shall" do this or that, or use phrases like "Oh dear," and "Oh my." When reading her books, she will quote whatever the character is saying and then say, "she replied," or "he gasped.."
This girl cracks us up!

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ccrager said...

Angela, this is so, so sweet! And I have no idea where she could have gotten her sense of humor?? ;) I cannot believe she said that about you feeding Graham! HA! Hilarious!