Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is there anything else to talk about around our house?

Some snippets from our recent conversations:

1. I'm SO ready to meet her! Aren't you SO ready to meet her?- me to Cliff almost every day

2. I can't wait to kiss her all over. I mean, with other people's babies you want to kiss them all over, but it's not always acceptable, but she's going to be ours and I can kiss her all over if I want.- Cliff

3. I'm so ready to hold her. Aren't you SO ready to hold her?- again, me to Cliff almost every day, but he sometimes says it to me.

4. I can't wait. Can you just NOT wait?- me to Cliff

5. Dang, I am huge.- me to no one in particular while looking in the mirror

6. I love you, girls.- Cliff to me and my belly when he leaves for work

7. Look at my belly moving. It's so crazy.- me to anyone who is sitting by me. I'm still fascinated by it all.

8. Ugh, I have to pee AGAIN.-me a million times a day and night to anyone who's around

9. I really hope she's cute.- we've both said it, but mainly me, then I throw in a quick but of course her health comes first.

10. Cliff, I need you- me in my sweetest voice anytime I drop something. The wonderful father-to-be then comes running in to pick it up for me.


"Doe" The Female Deare said...

I am ready to see her too but not as ready as I know Kathy and Larry are.
Love ya,
Aunty Judy

"Doe" The Female Deare said...

Does Tess and Kathy have a blog? If they do I would like to have their blog site url.
Aunt Judy