Monday, October 6, 2008

One Year Ago

Today it has been a year since we lost our first baby. Even though we are so, so excited to meet Amelia in just a few weeks, and there has been so much preparation to keep me busy, my heart has been heavy for the past couple of days. It is impossible to understand unless you've been in this situation. As thrilled as we are about Amelia, and although it does lessen the pain and gives me something new to think about and look forward to, the hurt from a miscarriage never totally goes away.

This blog's original intent was for me to document this pregnancy and subsequent journey of our family. I fill most of my posts with happy, exciting news or complaints over people getting in my business. However, I couldn't help but share how heavy my heart has been today. So many of you have followed us through this past year, praying for us and being hopeful for us during the last nine months. We never would have made it through without you all and our faith in God.

Tomorrow I will be positive once again and post some photos from our awesome shower in Brookhaven this past weekend as well as some new photos I took of the nursery.

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