Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shoe Issues

This has been discussed in the previous post, "Things not to say to a pregnant woman," however it has become such an issue that I feel the need to address it again. People continue to constantly judge me for my shoe choices and make comments on them.

Here are the alleged baby killers:
The heels on these shoes are very low, compared to shoes I would normally wear to work everyday before I got pregnant. These days my feet have started to swell a little, and these happen to be my most comfortable shoes. Note the stretchy strap across the top, the open toes, and the room on the sides for my feet to "grow" throughout the day. The problem with these shoes is that I need help buckling the strap, ha. But once I have help with that, I can wear them all day long comfortably. Yet every time I wear them, someone wants to comment on the fact that I don't need to be wearing heels! I wore these to my dr. appt last week and asked my dr. about them again. She said that as long as they were comfortable to me, to keep wearing them as long as I can.

But to satisfy the critics, I purchased these:

They look like they would be comfortable, but the backs of them rub when I walk creating blisters and they start feeling too tight when my feet swell during the day. So I have abandoned them, and have gone back to the super comfy Nine West heels pictured above. I just have to say that I am tired of being judged for my footwear choices! I promise I am not harming myself or my baby by wearing them, and they REALLY are the most comfortable work shoes that I own right now.

I think people want to see me come to work in these:

Or these:

No offense to croc fans, but they are just not my style, and I refuse to wear them just because I am pregnant! Now, house slippers do look pretty appealing, but they aren't very professional. If it comes down to it during the next few weeks, I may just have to resort to them, but I am not there yet!

Moral of the story: Stop bossing me around about my choice of footwear! I am not trying to harm my baby just to wear heels!


~neisha~ said...

you go girl! I agree with all my sole! and, soul!

YaYa's Funhouse said...

that's the way to tell'em! As in the song "these boots are made for walk'in", sounds like those heels just walked all over them...I bet they cool their jets about those heels now !! HA!!