Saturday, May 30, 2009

7 months!

Ok, I know it can't have been more than a week and a half ago that I was talking about her turning 6 months old. Seriously, this growing up thing is out of control! Technically, she was 7 months old yesterday, but we were much too busy enjoying our day for me to have time to post. Before I get to the pics (you can just cheat and scroll down if you wish), let's recap what she's up to this month for my own personal records.

The days are over when you could sit her down in the floor with some toys and she'd entertain herself. That was a nice 3 weeks while it lasted. Now, she immediately goes from sitting up into the crawling position and gets ticked off when she can't get where she wants to go.

She can also pull up now, but no one can convince her that she must master crawling first. She would rather you hold her hands or just let her crawl up on you and use your body for leverage. She thinks she is such a big girl. She just wants to stand and walk instead of crawl. All the other babies her age we know have walkers so I guess it's time we get one for her. Am I the only one who thought walkers weren't accepted by the American Academy of Pediatrics anymore? Oh well, it seems to be working for our friends so I guess we will get one too. Let's see if she likes it or if it'll be another wasted purchase. (See also: swing, bouncer, jumper and exersaucer.)

She is constantly babbling these days. To her Daddy's delight, her favorite word is da-da. She says it all the time. She throws out the occasional ma-ma, but it's usually when she's whining. I'll take it though. Her little voice is almost as adorable as her giggle.

And now for the photos. We took her swimming at Papaw Bob's pool yesterday on my wonderful afternoon off, and she loved it!

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a bathing suit?

Having a little wardrobe malfunction with the bikini top, ha! Don't you just want to blow raspberries on that adorable tummy?

All that swimming just wore her out! This is her lamb, Lovie that I have mentioned before. She just loves snuggling with him while she sleeps.

Cliff will be working at basketball camp at Co-Lin for the next couple of weeks so Amelia will be spending some time with Aunt Katie. I have a feeling they are going to be enjoying a lot more pool time while Mommy is at work. Our little girl is going to be a fish by the end of the summer!


lindey said...

oh goodness...are *you* in *my* head?
we went for a swim today & i blogged it!
wish i had an aunt katie to take pics though...i have a brother ben ;o) lol

i didn't even know they still made walkers, lol. so much of that cool must have baby stuff was wasted with bennett, that the roo has to settle with my lap or a pallet...poor baby!

tell amelia she rocked the bikini!

Alison said...

You're right; walkers aren't recommended anymore. I was hesitant to buy a walker, but we don't even bring it upstairs (which is the main level of the house). I keep it in the garage and only use it outside in our flat driveway, and I'm watching him like a hawk. I definitely think they're dangerous in houses with an upstairs IF used upstairs. Like most things, with a watchful eye and a flat area, it's probably fine. I can see where accidents happen if people just leave their baby unattended in a walker while doing household chores.

Amelia is so cute in her itsy bitsy bikini!