Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st "sick baby" visit

Amelia and I were under the weather all weekend so I took her to the dr. yesterday for her first "sick baby" visit. We've been so blessed not to have had to go the the dr. except for her check-ups until now. Our doc said her sniffly nose and cough were probably due to something viral since she passed it on to me, and that there had been several in with the same thing. Dang daycare germs! The weather has been so fabulous and we haven't been able to get out and enjoy it. Boo.

Today I'm not 100% but I'm feeling much better and Mimi was glad to see her friends at school again. We're hoping Daddy will avoid getting it, but his scratchy throat and cloudy head are not promising anything!

She did get weighed at the doctor and she's up to 20 pounds! She celebrated by riding in her brand new big girl car seat! It's still rear-facing for a while, but much more spacious than that carrier was.

No new photos as we've just not been feeling up to it, but hopefully we'll be back to our old bow-wearing and photo taking selves later in the week!


Alison said...

Get well soon! Isn't it pitiful when babies are sick? Take pictures of Amelia in her big-girl seat soon! Bonus points if her outfit/bow coordinate with the seat!

~neisha~ said...

Joy has runny nose now. Did your doc suggest any meds? maybe you could save us a trip!