Sunday, August 30, 2009

10 months!

I have nothing new to say about how fast these months are flying by other than, OMG these months are flying by SO fast! Amelia is now 10 months old. Double digits, people. We've had a great weekend together, and I'll share some pics at the end, but first here's an update on our big girl. At 10 months Amelia:

  • loves to play games like "peek-a-boo" and "i'm gonna get you!" The giggles that we get out her when playing these games, along with tickling her is just about the best sound ever.

  • "talks" all the time. She's been saying ma-ma non-stop for the last several days. The other day she looked right at me, and unprompted to do so, said MA-MA. I'm totally tearing up just writing about it. It delights my soul to hear that precious girl call me mama! She still loves to say "bye-bye," plus "da-da," and her version of "uh-oh!" She adds an extra syllable to it, so it sounds like "uh-uh-oh!" Ha ha. I love it. She can't say "dog" yet, but she leaves off the "do" sound and just says "ga" when she sees Cash, so I think that's her word for him.

  • speaking of Cash, they haven't gotten the chance to know each other very well yet, but they are both fascinated with each other. Amelia loves to sit in her high chair and look out the window at "Ga." He doesn't know he's too big for her to play with right now. He likes to press his face against the dining room window while she's eating.

  • loves to feed herself. She still loves puffs, or as we call them, crunchies. she hasn't really turned down any of the table food we've started giving her. The other day she had some mac and cheese and green beans that my mom cooked and she loved getting to eat the same real food we were eating. She loves it all, so it's hard to say what her favorite is these days, but I think she could probably eat a half gallon of ice cream on her own! She cries when we take finally take it away after giving her a few bites.

  • is crawling more now, and still creeps around furniture. She can stand on her own for several seconds and can even take a step or two unassisted, but she's scared and sits down when she realizes she's not holding onto anything.

  • puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. I make myself a nervous wreck worrying about her choking.

  • is weaning herself from her bottle little by little. She used to never turn down a bottle, but she is down to about three 8 ounce bottles a day now. She often doesn't even finish an 8 ouncer. She usually eats rice or oatmeal cereal for breakfast, or pinches of table food like toast or a biscuit. She eats one to two Stage 2 jars of baby food at lunch and one or two at supper. Now that's she's eating finger foods, she's not polishing off the baby food as much.

  • loves her little friends at school and church. Her BFF at school is Joy, and at church she hangs out with Rivers. She loves her teacher, Ms. Margaret at school and her Sunday School teachers, Ms. Sandra and Ms. Lori. They are all so sweet to her, and we've been so blessed to have the sweetest people who love to take care of our Mimi.

  • is the most playful, funny, silly little goose and just when we think we can't possibly love her any more, somehow we do!
And now a few photos. We went to check out my parents' new camper at the river Saturday, and here's one of the few snaps we took. She loves to pull my hair as hard as she can and burst out laughing when I say "ouch!" She's a little evil about it, ha. She's taking her paci less these days, usually just at bedtime. But at the river, we had to keep shoving it in because she loved to pick up a handful of tiny rocks and put them in her mouth!

Here are a few we took after church today. The grass was wet so we had to do them on the porch.

She took a good nap in the nursery and was so sweet during lunch at Mitchell's. I shared my roll and tomatoes and green beans with her. She was still happy when we got home, so we tried to get a few shots in her sweet dress before nap time.

Photo shoot ended abruptly when she started eating the plants. Got ticked off when Daddy pulled the leaf out of her mouth. He's so mean!

Hope you all have a great week. We're taking a trip to Orange Beach for Labor Day, so I might possibly have a couple of photos to share when we return! Can't wait!

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