Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Fair and Aunt Katie's 30th

The Exchange Club Fair is an annual Brookhaven tradition. It's different from most fairs in that the food and rides are run by volunteers from the community, thus no trashy "carnies." The whole town shows up to eat, let the kids play, and socialize with each other. Last year, when I was stuffing my pregnant face with yummy fair food, we talked about how much fun it would be to bring Amelia, and that day has finally come.

It was super hot, and getting close to her bedtime, so of course her joy isn't evident in the photos I took, but I could tell she loved being there. Here she is on the swings. She wouldn't look at me to get a pic because she wanted to stare at the kid beside her. I couldn't hold up the ride by trying over and over so this was the best I got.

Next she rode the airplanes, and of course had to chew on the wood. I've really had to let go of some of my germaphobe issues since I can't always prevent her from putting everything in her mouth.Finally, we rode the Merry-Go-Round. Cliff got this shot from afar, and even though it's not the best, I'm glad we have documentation of her very first carousel ride. First of many, I am sure.

Then the next night we all went out to Amerigo in Jackson to celebrate Aunt Katie's 30th birthday. It felt a little like my birthday since Amerigo is my very favorite place to eat on earth! Nice choice, Aunt Katie. We were pleased with Amelia's behavior in the restaurant as well.

Megan, Mimi, Katie and me after dinner:

The Furr siblings and the princess. Love this one!

Mimi and the birthday girl. She was over pics at this point.

It was a fun weekend with lots of eating and hanging out with family and friends, the best way to spend it!

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~neisha~ said...

i love the "Siblings & princess" photo!!!! Priceless!
good photography, ang! way to catch the moment