Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beach Baby

Y'all, I can't even tell you how fabulous our beach trip was! The only thing I adore more than going to Gulf Shores is going to Gulf Shores during Labor Day weekend with my baby girl! This was our second time to go on Labor Day and we hope to make it an annual tradition. The weather is so fabulous and the crowds aren't quite as bad as earlier in the summer. Plus it's a great time for Coach Furr in between summer camps and the season opener. I have been so looking forward to bringing Amelia to the beach and hoping to goodness that she didn't hate it. Luckily for us, she loved it as much as we did!

We brought along two of Mimi's favorite aunts, Katie and Mare, as well as future Uncle Justin (aka lots of help entertaining the princess!) We had such an awesome time just hanging out on the beach and relaxing. Get ready for the most ridiculous display of a mama who thinks her kid is the cutest ever. As much as I blog to share our life with friends and family, it's also my way of recording our memories, so that's my disclaimer for the gazillion photos coming up.

Here's the very first shot I took. Amelia was so happy to finally be out of the car, and she loved looking around at everything from the balcony of our condo.

We wasted no time getting straight to the beach. Here she is checking out the sand for the first time.I just love this one! I'll probably make some others B&W for printing later, but doesn't this one just call for it?Love that wide-eyed expression here. It's SO MUCH FUN to experience new things through her eyes. Which is why I am sure we will be taking her to Disneyworld in a few years even though I hate crowds, long lines, and overpriced food and drinks. There's nothing like seeing that face light up at the sight of the ocean, or in a few years, Mickey Mouse.

You already saw the videos, but here's a couple of stills of me and Mare showing her the water for the first time.

Here we are getting ready to go take some family photos on the beach.

Playing in my make-up bag is her favorite, and I thought it was so cute that she had a mascara in each hand. That's my girl!

Having fun with Daddy on the balcony. These are definitely going in some sort of collage.

(Thanks to Aunt Katie for capturing this sweet moment.)

This dress had been begging me to take some pictures of Amelia wearing it on the beach since I bought it in the spring. The moment finally came, but guess who got grumpy when she got a little sand in her face.
Even though Amelia and someone else in the photos were grumpy and over it before we really began, Katie did a great job getting some cute ones. I was totally bummed because I had such grand plans for a beach photo shoot. It even included a wardrobe change for the entire family, but who was I kidding?
I love her face in this one, I just need to photoshop that hair falling in my face.

Trying to persuade her to be a sweet girl and sit still for just a few more.But that stinker screamed bloody murder when I sat her down and then immediately started smiling when I picked her up.

And now for a series of photos featuring one of the world's cutest swimsuits.
I had my eye on this suit at Gymboree earlier in the summer but then forgot to order it online in time for our trip. Luckily Katie found the Wal-Mart copy cat at Dirt Cheap for $1.50. The only thing I love more than an adorable swimsuit is an adorable swimsuit on sale for $1.50!

A friend gave me the great idea to get a little pool to keep her cool under an umbrella. She filled this one up! Ha. Checking out the hermit crab Uncle Jus found in the ocean.
Rinsing off in the kiddie pool with Aunt Mare.
As long as she has her Lovie, she can nap anywhere!

Unfortunately, she took Lovie for a swim in her baby pool with her and she had to settle for a hooded towel as a bedtime snuggle companion while Lovie got a bath in the washer.
The next morning, our friends Courtney and Brantlee swung by for a quick visit. They happened to be in town the same time as us. Amelia's going in for some sugar here. Or else she wants that puff Brantlee's eating.

Amelia was not very crazy about her Mama holding another baby, ha.
It was rainy for most of the morning this day, so we hung out on the balcony for a while, and Aunt Katie took a ton of pictures. Here are just a few of my faves.

Later we played in the indoor pool for a while before it was dry enough to go back out to the beach.

Whew, that totally exhausted me. If you hung in there with me, thanks! I would apologize for the photo overload, but I know I'm just going to do it again after her birthday party. Two words: Lollipop Party. Can't wait! (Have I mentioned that having a baby girl is my dream come true?)

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