Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Amelia just loves football! Well, like her mama, she really just loves going to ballgames. We're not that crazy about the actual sport, but we do love all the things that go along with it- tailgating, hanging out with our friends, watching the band and cheerleaders, and cheering for the Wolfpack!

These are a few shots from last week's game. We were all dressed in black for the "Black out the Bears" night against Southwest.

Amelia wasn't a fan of the mascots! In fact, they made most of the kids there cry and hide, ha ha. Guess we won't be doing a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for a while. Amelia with her friends, RoyAvery and Bryce . These are children of my former co-workers in the counseling center, Bev and Erin.

Amelia with her friend Mary Catherine. Mary is this year's Homecoming Queen!

Amelia with my former boss, Lea Ann and her daughter, Whitney. Amelia loves them!

We had a fun time at the game. Amelia was such a little ham, laughing and smiling at everyone and clapping along with the crowd. Clapping is one of her newest tricks. She only wished she could have stayed longer, but after the halftime show, it was time to go home and go to bed. She was so tired, she skipped her bath and just slept in her black t-shirt. After blacking out the Bears, the Wolfpack blacked out Amelia. No fighting her sleep this night!


lindey said...

i didn't thing it was possible, but she just keeps getting cuter!

Betsy said...

i need to get mom to get cody a wolf shirt. supper cute!

Betsy said...

i meant.. super cute!