Thursday, September 17, 2009

Uncle Chris and Mimi update

Thanks so much for your prayers for Chris! He is doing much better than we anticipated! His pain is under control and he has been able to talk and drink some broth. He will have a long road to recover after surgery to repair his sinus cavity and nose, but thankfully his jaw is still intact and once the swelling subsides he should be able to see. It could have been much, much worse!

And I just realized I hadn't posted an update on Amelia after her bout with hand, foot and mouth. Thanks to all of you who emailed and texted to check on her. That little sister must have an awesome immune system because she dodged getting really sick. She never showed any signs of feeling bad, and never got any mouth blisters. We just played and hung out at home for a few days. It was actually nice, since I never take days off just to hang out at home. I definitely should do that more often.

Thanks again for your prayers for our loved ones. We definitely believe in The Great Physician and the power of prayer!

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