Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oreo girl

Beach pics coming soon, but until then, please keep our Mimi in your prayers. I got a call from daycare not long after dropping her off yesterday that they thought she had hand, foot and mouth disease. The word "disease" totally freaked me out and I dropped everything and got over there in like a minute. When I got there she had blisters on her little hands and feet. A visit to the clinic and some research of my own revealed that there's nothing you can do for this other than wait it out. The good news is, she's acting fine right now. The bad news is that she'll probably get painful blisters in her mouth before it's over and she'll have to stay out of school until Monday. Cliff is staying with her today since he doesn't have class on Wednesdays and I'll be with her tomorrow and probably Friday.

I felt so sad for her yesterday I gave her the only thing that helps me in times of crisis. Check her out enjoying her very first Oreo:
She doesn't even know she's sick! Hope it stays that way!


Betsy said...

hey.. cody had hand, foot and mouth twice , when he was 4mths old and when he was 9mths. it was worse when he was 4mths old!! it will be gone soon.. very contagious! give her tylenol around the clock for the pain.

lindey said...

bless her darlin' heart. hugs for both of you!
and oreos to the rescue...i hope for her sake they're double stuffed, ha!

Alison said...

A girl needs her chocolate! Poor thing - hope it's not a bad case. Maybe you can enjoy some quality time with her at home.

Angela said...

Thanks guys! I did enjoy just hanging out with her yesterday and I'm sure Cliff is today. Oreos just make anything better. But no, Lindey they were not double stuffed, ha.