Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and a surprise

I'm still in reminiscing mode, so I had to dig up this one from last Halloween:
We brought that little kitty cat home from the hospital last year on Halloween, and I immediately had to change her out of her precious going home dress into some seasonal attire. She was ticked off that I took her paci out for the picture.

And here she is this year:
Yesterday we took the little ladybug to our friend Tucker's first birthday party. It was such a cute costume party, and all the little kiddos looked so adorable all dressed up. Here's Tucker tearing into his cake:

He destroyed it! It was so cute to watch. I've never seen a child tear into a birthday cake quite like that.

Another one of the ladybug:

We were too busy visting and playing to take many photos at the party. When we got home we hung out in the yard and watched all the trick-or-treaters. Daddy was on a mission to give out all our leftover birthday party candy, and Mimi and I played outside until she wore out. She had already gotten to go trick-or-treating at school last week, so we decided not to go again. Next year, we will be all over it. We live in a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating, and I am already looking forward to it.

Aunt Katie stopped by all dressed up for a party, and Amelia didn't recognize her at first and was scared. But then she realized who it was when she saw a camera in her face:

Always a good hostess, here she is handing out candy:

Then she decided to crawl around in the damp grass like a real ladybug:

She has a runny nose today, so this was obviously not a good idea.

Then, after church today, we went over to Grammy and Papa's house to see a surprise guest:
Uncle Jeremy popped in from Iraq! He's not home for good, just a two-week leave. He didn't tell anyone he was coming home, and just showed up at my parents' house. You can imagine their reaction to see him walk in!
The Davis siblings all together:
Mimi and Aunt Mare in their paisley dresses:
Thanks to Aunt Mare for these pics. I left my camera at home. And just because it is cute and doesn't fit in anywhere else, here's a shot of the princess in her kicks Aunt Mare gave her for her birthday:
Such a big girl now! Aunt Mare also got her the ladybug costume for her birthday, but then ended up getting her more cute presents to open at her party. That little Mimi is spoiled by her aunts and uncles!

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