Sunday, November 8, 2009

Piggy Tails

The princess hasn't been feeling well this weekend, so we've been cooped up. Tonight she felt a little better so we played babies and played with our hair while Daddy was gone to practice.

Yay for enough hair for pigtails!


Katie Furr said...

haha! I love these!
I also love that she's only a year old and already loves her babies. I see lots and lots of fun-girly-playing-babies times ahead!

grammy said...

I can finaaly see a little bit of her mommy in her. The only thing is that her mommy was almost 3 before she had enough to put piggy tails in. You should here this little Angel say baby she says it so softly and gentle she is just the most precious baby in the world. Do I sound like a proud grammy yet.