Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Phrases commonly heard around our house

  • No, Amelia, you cannot chew on your shoes. Or the remote. Or mommy's cell phone.
  • Mimi, everything in this bath tub is here for you to play with and enjoy. Toys, shampoo bottles, wash cloths, you can play with it all. However, you may not play with my razor when I forget to put it out of your reach. I know this ticks you off, but that's just the way it is.
  • Even though you are having the time of your life in the tub, all good things must come to an end. Please stop being a drama queen and throwing a fit every single time I get you out of he tub. Would you also please stop throwing a fit every time you have to get your diaper and pajamas on after your bath? We do this every night. You should be used to it by now.
  • Amelia, please stop throwing your sippy cup from your high chair with such force that you crack the cup. We are not made of sippy cup replacing money around here.
  • Amelia, please stop falling out in the floor every time you don't get your way. That is not the way to get noticed around this house. Daddy and I will walk away from you and laugh at you about it when you aren't looking.

It seems like all I ever say to her is "NO" these days! But I know that it must be done, and it will be. Even if it results in falling out in the floor fits. And it does, almost every time. But sometimes I do say "YES." Like when she asked me to take her for a spin around the neighborhood in her new wagon from Uncle Jeremy.


Betsy said...

it seems like the closer they get to the age 2.. you will be saying NO all the time!!!!

Alison said...

Oh I feel your pain. Will does the floor fit thing too, and he HATES getting diaper changes or getting dressed. You'd think I was torturing him. He also throws a fit in the tub because I won't let him stand up. Even with all the protesting though, it's such a fun age!

lindey said...

love this post! i'll be stealing the things heard around here prompt! ...if i ever post another blog again, that is!