Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cheering for Daddy

Last year Amelia was a tiny little newborn during basketball season, so we only made it to a few games at the end of the season. At the games we did attend, she was content to sleep in her car seat or be held by me or others in the stands. If she got fussy, a bottle took care of it. She was pretty easy to manage back then.

This year is a different story! I have to plan ahead and pack extra outfits, sippy cups, snacks and activities to keep her occupied. Since Daddy coaches the girls and guys teams, we try to sit through both games. She's pretty good through most of the girls game, but she starts fading when the guys start playing. This is how we start out the games:
She sits in my lap and reads books, hangs out and talks to the people beside us. But then everything starts going downhill when she spots Daddy across the room.

She immediately wants to get down and run across the gym to him, and then freaks out when I won't let her. Luckily, there is a big open area to the left of the bleachers, and we usually head over there to sit on the floor and she can play and run around and I can catch some of the game.
Oh, and popcorn helps too! Yes, I realize this is a choking hazard, but she learned about popcorn from her older friend Madelyn, and she is obsessed with it when she sees it at the ballgames. Katie came the other night and it was nice to have another set of hands to help with Mimi. And of coure, she was around to take a few pics wtih my camera. And can you tell I really love my camera's video feature? It's so convenient for quick, fun little clips. Here's Amelia enjoying the band:
Dancing at the game from Angela Furr on Vimeo.

After lots of cheering, dancing and popcorn eating, by this point it is usually almost halftime of the guys game which means that is Mimi's bedtime. Usually we head home and catch the rest of the game online. Last night Katie took her upstairs to Daddy's office and I got to catch a few more minutes of the game and the Colettes dance at halftime. Here's what I found on my camera when we got home:

Those silly girls love each other! And we love basketball, but it sure will be nice when season is over and we can have our Daddy back at home again!


ccrager said...

Oh bless you Angela! I know those basketball games must wear you out. I bet next year it will be lots easier! This is a wild I age I think :)

Katie said...

In our pic together she was saying "cheese"! Love it!