Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gallery is up!

The wait is over and the gallery is now available to view from Amelia's one year photo session with Lindey! We did it back in November and took some family pics for our Christmas card. Check them out here. Click on the photography site, then client viewing, and the password is furr. If you want to see how much the princess has grown this year, you can view her other galleries by using the passwords amelia, mimi and there's one called a&a with a few shots of the two of us together that we did for Cliff for Father's Day.

I am a little sad we don't have any more photo shoots to look forward to in the near future! We'll probably wait until she is two to do another. I treasure all of our fabulous photos, and I can already tell you that the coffee table book that I will be getting will become one of my most prized possessions! You just can't put a price on your baby's face captured in a beautiful photograph. At least that's what I will be telling Cliff when I get ready to do my order...

Let me know which ones you like the best!

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