Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unusual sleeping habits

While Amelia has never been a problem sleeper, she has always been a little high maintenance to get to go to sleep. For example, she must have her Lovie, she must be snuggled or rocked. Before last week, she usually needed a bottle before bedtime. (We just dropped the last bottle last week and it was surprisingly easy. So yay for no more bottle washing!)

The girl has got to be pretty tired to just fall asleep sitting straight up like she did the other night. She had just played herself out her first week back at school.
She has actually done this a couple of times in the past couple of weeks. Then, I was surprised to find out from her teacher at daycare that she enjoys laying in one of the babies' bouncy seats to go to sleep at school. Ms. Margaret said she prefers to sit in the bouncer with Lovie over her face than being rocked. You know, the same bouncer she despised as an infant. There were many occasions when I would beg my newborn Mimi to just hang out in the bouncer for a while so Mama could take a shower. No ma'am. Hated it.

So I had to try this out for myself and dug the old bouncer out of the storage closet. Sure enough, with paci and Lovie and her fleece coat, she passed right out.Yes, she has taken a liking to her coat and actually cries to put it on. It's lined in the same sherling that Lovie is made of, so I guess she likes to feel like she is wearing her Lovie Lamb, ha. So I suppose you could say my child is a weirdo. She has also taken a liking to my camera and did something to it to make a random date appear on these photos. I couldn't figure out to get it off.

More proof of being weird, she insists on squeezing herself into her doll stroller and gets ticked off when she can't get in it. I have tried explaining to her that it's for her babies and not her, but she doesn't want to share it with them. We are going to keep working on our mothering skills.


lindey said... the point in which you called your mimi a weirdo, let's just say i'm glad i didn't have a mouth full of anything :o)

i love her little quirks & would be in heaven if p would help herself to a nap in the bouncy! that purple with the leggings...*love*

ccrager said...

I am laughing out loud actually!! This is one for the books for sure!

~neisha~ said...

Love this post Angela. Soooooo funny!