Friday, January 22, 2010

Just some stuff

We have almost made it through this four-day work week without a call from daycare, so that is good news! It means Amelia is feeling much, much better and we are back to business as usual. Cliff is still super busy with basketball. He has gone from serving as assistant coach for the girls and guys teams to assistant for girls AND acting head coach for the guys since the head coach has been ill all season. This has been a huge responsibility for him, and we are so proud that the Wolfpack got a much needed WIN last night over nationally ranked Hinds. Go Cliffy!

In other career news (BTW it feels totally weird to talk about anything other than Amelia, but I'm going with it) my first big publication came out a few weeks ago featuring a photo taken by yours truly on the cover. I had to send the pic to Lindey and ask her how she felt about me starting up my new photography business called Angela Furr photography. I will focus my art on babies, weddings, seniors and families, and will be doing sessions on a railroad track near you! Oh, I kid.

But I am kinda proud of The Colinian, our alumni magazine, and my photo on the cover. If you are an alum and want to receive our mailings, add your info to the web site.


Here are some recent snaps from the past week:

My parents came over Saturday to visit me play with Amelia, and I had to get a shot of Amelia playing horsey with my dad. Amelia loves her Grammy and Papa so much, and they are just crazy about her.

Who wouldn't love a Grammy and Papa who get on the floor and growl and chase you? After they left, Amelia expected me to continue to entertain her and she cried because she couldn't climb in her toy box. I finally put her in it, but sadly that entertainment only lasted about 30 seconds and she was on to the next activity. Saturdays wear me out!

We have had some beautiful days here in South Mississippi this week. I couldn't wait to get home the other day to put on some tennis shoes and pull Amelia around the neighborhood in her wagon. She was pretty pumped about it too.

I thought I'd get some exercise, but we only made it up the street to Aunt Katie's house because Amelia was fascinated by her dog, Sweet Pea and all the kids playing in the street (it's a one-way street). Instead of walking all around the neighborhood, we just hung out with Katie and let Amelia play with the puppy and the big kids. They were so sweet to her, and she loved every second of it.You'll notice Amelia's snack cup appears in most of our recent photos. What can we say- she likes to keep a snack on hand at all times. If you're a mom to a toddler and haven't seen these, they are great! We were tragically just carrying our gold fish around in a ziplock bag until Amelia spied her pal Pailyn's handy cup, and we had to get our own. They are made so the kid can help themselves to their snacks without spilling them. Warning: this spill-proof method does not apply when your kid bites the lid off and pours out the snacks.

And of course, since Amelia is constantly snacking, we can't forget to brush those little teefies! We had been using the baby toothbrush that goes over mom or dad's finger, but after she became a biter, we had to step it up to the next level. Her daddy picked out her brand new Barbie toothbrush, and here she is checking it out.

She now has eight teeth, four on top and four on bottom. Those two more on the bottom just popped through this week. I told her to open wide and say "Ahh," and she did just that!

Ok, that's what we've been up to. We are ready for spring and warmer weather so we can get outside more. Aunt Mare is coming to see us this weekend, and a park trip is possibly on the agenda, so we are looking forward to that. Enjoy your weekend!

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lindey said...

love it all!! amelia's wagon pictures make me want to take p out right this minute :o)

congratulations on your cover debut!