Friday, January 15, 2010

Sick girl

Mimi has been a very sick girl this week! Monday afternoon I got a call from daycare saying she was running fever and screaming. Not her style at all, so I knew something was up. When I went to get her she had The Sick Face, and I could just tell she felt awful. The clinic wouldn't see her until Tuesday morning, so first thing the next morning we went in to be told that she had the dreaded RSV, which has been going around a lot in our area.

She went downhill fast- coughing, wheezing, running fever and had no appetite. After dropping everything to go get her at daycare, I had some loose ends to tie up at work and I was so thankful that Aunt Mare was able to come love on our girl while I took care of things in order to take the rest of the week off.

See what I mean about The Sick Face? She was so pitiful that I think Cliff, Mare and I all cried about it a little bit. We just felt so helpless. We've been so blessed that she's been so healthy. A couple of bouts with Hand, Foot and Mouth, a runny nose here and there, but no real sickness until now. This is the first time something has been able to really get her down.

After lots of Motrin and round-the-clock breathing treatments, today she is almost back to her old self. She's still wheezing and coughing a little bit, but today we resumed several of our daily activities, such as...

Wagon riding:

Playing outside (just for a few minutes- it's still not quite warm enough):

Playing peek-a-boo:

Making messes:

Watching Dora and eating cookies:

and the real proof she's feeling better...
throwing fits! (Amelia was not harmed in the taking of this pic. She just wanted to take my camera from me.)
She is on the mend, and we're looking forward to our three-day weekend and getting back to our normal routine next week. Have a good weekend!

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