Friday, March 12, 2010

Afternoon photo session

Yesterday after school we stopped by Katie's to play and of course she had to snap some pics of Amelia in her cute new (to her! we heart ebay) dress. These are some of my favorite pics she has taken of Mimi in a while.

And my favorite one of all:
It looks like she is pouting, but she wasn't at all. She has been folding her arms like that a lot lately (and walking around with her hands behind her back) and I think it is just stinking adorable. I think maybe she has just realized she can do it? Sometimes that girl is just too much!

Thanks for the pics, Aunt Katie!


Alison said...

Love these! The red door and that black & white at the bottom are my favorites. You can just see that cute little personality shining through!

Kristy Brent Wallace said...

love the dress!

ccrager said...

These are beautiful!! And I do love the dress. I need to check out ebay myself ;)