Friday, March 12, 2010

Trike-a-thon and some randoms

Yesterday was the Trike-a-Thon for St. Jude, and it was a huge success! Thanks so much to those of you who donated. Amelia raised $300, and I haven't heard a total on the whole daycare, but I will update when I hear. Every little bit makes a difference for St. Jude, and we were so glad to be able to help, even in a small way.

Unlike last year, the weather couldn't have been more perfect! I am so thankful for a job that provides a daycare just steps from my office, and that I am able to slip over and watch her participate in fun things like this. Or just slip over and check in on her if I feel like I need to.

Amelia riding in her wagon with one of her BFFs, Joy:

Those girls will be trikers next year! Amelia got tired of the wagon (for probably the first time ever) and decided to walk the rest of the race with her teacher, Ms. Margaret.

I don't know if I have mentioned it here how much Amelia adores Ms. Margaret. She gets so happy in the mornings when she sees her, and will throw a fit if Ms. Margaret is busy with another kid and doesn't pick her up right away. I try to tell her that she is a big girl and sometimes the babies need Ms. Margaret more than she does, but she does not want to hear it! I know Ms. Margaret truly loves the kids in her class, and makes each of us parents feel so good to know they are in such good hands.

Afterwards, Amelia and Joy enjoyed their very first experience with the deliciousness that is a Capri Sun! Neisha and I didn't even know they knew how to drink these. I think this is the first time Amelia has been able to successfully drink from a straw.

How cute are those little curly heads sitting together?

Thanks to Tonya for snapping this shot of me and my triker. Cliff had class and didn't make it, but I'm sure he will bless his students with a class cancellation next year to watch Amelia actually ride her trike.

And now for a few random shots that don't seem to fit in any other post, but I knew some family members would like to see. Sometimes I am guilty of letting Amelia snack on crackers or in truly desperate situations, a cookie, in order to get supper cooked. This particular night I was on a deadline to get food ready to deliver to a family in our church, so it was Oreo to the rescue. What you don't see in this pic is how she had the whole cookie stuffed in her mouth trying to swallow it whole.

A post-Oreo bath shot. Amelia is rocking awesome ponytail hair that gives off a nice Lyle Lovett/mullet effect. She is also wearing mardi gras beads and chewing on her Barbie toothbrush. Good times.
On nice days we like to go for wagon rides around the neighborhood, and we often stop by Aunt Katie's house when we see her neighbor girls playing. They are such fun, sweet girls, and Amelia just loves playing with them. This is her and Emory playing in Emory's mustang, which has seen better days so big sis Elizabeth was sweet enough to push the girls in it. As you can see, Amelia thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Next up, a special post dedicated to Mimi's photo shoot with Aunt Katie yesterday!

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