Thursday, October 22, 2009

I won't be THAT mama

... but I will ask Amelia's faithful readers (all 6 of you), to vote for her in the Gap casting call. How fun would it be to see our Mimi's face in a Baby Gap ad? Not to mention the little shopping spree you get if you win.

Not gonna lie, this site is totally annoying sometimes. Some days it works and some days it is weird and slow. Today is a good day. You do have to register, just by choosing a login name and password. If you really love us, you can come back every day and vote for our sweet girl.

Lindey was kind enough to let us use one of the cute pics from Amelia's last session. While you're there, you could vote for her sweet Pailyn too. I know they would appreciate it.

Come on, do it. You're already online.

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