Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 16th

This and Amelia's birthday party in the same month is almost too much excitement for me to handle! The soundtrack alone is worth getting pumped.

And for anyone interested, this is on Amelia's birthday wish list. Cliff and I can't wait to read her all our favorite books from our childhood. I also can't wait until she cares about the story instead of trying to take the book away from me to eat it.


Katie said...

I very rarely get excited about a movie but I cannot wait for WTWTA!!
And I happen to know that Amelia has an aunt and uncle who are very into books (and have a very close connection to a bookstore), so I would imagine that she won't be lacking for any!

lindey said...

ooooh! i seriously cannot wait to take ben to that! it was a favorite of his when he was little & i can remember reading it before bedtime seveal times in a row at his request.
i need to make a date with chuck to keep the girls while mr. bennett takes me on a movie night date!
i must say amelia strikes me as an eloise kinda girl ;o)