Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter photos

I'm out of control and I know it. I can't resist buying cute outfits and accessories for my baby, and I can't resist taking and posting a million photos of her in those outfits and accessories. If you aren't interested in seeing tons of Amelia pics, you should leave this blog immediately. But you know that already. So here we go...

We had such a wonderful weekend. The weather was nice most of the time, and we got to spend a lot of time with our sweet girl and with our families. Friday night Cliff and I left Amelia with my parents OVERNIGHT and went out on a date. We had a great time, but of course we missed our girl. I couldn't wait to get there Saturday morning to pick her up and take her to her first Easter egg hunt! Of course I had a precious outfit planned to coordinate with her Easter basket. I even made a bow to match! Yes, I now make bows. More about my new hobby later. But what do you know, the little princess fell asleep and missed the whole thing.

This is the only pic I got in her egg hunting outfit. We'll have to wear it another day and take photos. I will say this, there was monogramming involved. Oh don't you worry, we have not seen the last of this dress! Luckily she had another chance to hunt eggs Sunday. We got up extra early to swing by Memaw and Papaw's house before church to let them see her in her Easter dress. Every time they come by to see her she is napping, so we were glad they got to see her awake and happy.
She really was happy, even though it doesn't seem that way from the pics. Y'all know how she is about cameras.
The only thing I love more than a giant pink bow is a smocked dress! Oh my goodness, having a baby girl is my dream come true. It's like playing baby dolls every day, but better.

Here we are on our first Easter as a family. It was chilly, so we didn't spend time trying to get a shot with Amelia looking at the camera. Who knows how long that would have taken.

After a wonderful church service, Cliff and I were responsible for cleaning up after the Lord's Supper, so luckily Aunt Katie came to worship with us and she watched Amelia while we finished up. Guess what they did to pass the time!

This was on the playmat in the nursery. Aunt Katie gets way more smiling pics than Mommy. I'm telling myself it's because her camera is faster, and not because she likes her more than me. Everyone knows she's a mama's girl!

How precious is this with the cross in the background? A real Easter photo. Love it.

After church we went to visit my grandparents. (Did I mention how long our day was? We squeezed in two sets of grandparents and church. I was pretty proud of us.) After a yummy lunch, we got ready for the egg hunt. She was awake this time! But no smiles for my photos. Awake and smiling would be asking too much.

I couldn't narrow down which photos to post, so bare with me. Get ready for a bunch of photos of Amelia and her Easter basket. Again, I'm out of control!

I know my toes are under here somewhere. How can I get to them?

Since you took my egg away, I'll try to eat my dress.

Yes, that is a petticoat under her smocked dress. I seriously wanted to eat her more than my plate of poppyseed chicken in that dress.

Here are the men with their girly Easter baskets hiding the eggs. My daddy is the one holding the tutu basket, ha! I stole this pic and a couple more from my cousin Tess's facebook album.

After a quick wardrobe change, it was time to hunt eggs.

Amelia and mommy wore matching pearl bracelets for Easter.

Amelia and Grammy. She's trying to get into that basket!

Here's Amelia with some of her cousins after the egg hunt. She's still trying to chew on that egg.

Janie wanted a pic with Amelia. (Another stolen from Tess. Thanks!) She and her sister, Josie are always so well mannered and Janie tapped me on the shoulder Sunday and told me, "I think your daughter is very pretty." Ha ha. I told her her that I think she (Janie) is very pretty too!
Me and Aunt Mare swinging.
Just when you thought the smocked dress and basket photos were over, I tried a re-shoot yesterday in the yard hoping for smiles...

But no luck. Then Aunt Katie came over and got this grin on the couch. Look at that slobbery face!

The Easter bunny brought Amelia a new swing! She already had her pjs on, but it was still light outside, so I put her in the swing for some late evening playing, and yes, we got a couple of smiles. Aunt Katie's fast camera work to the rescue again.

I love that evening light. Maybe we'll try to save all our photo shoots for 7 p.m.

Ok, that's it for now. Now we're back to our reality of work and daycare. We're so lucky to have had this time off this past weekend. No more holidays left this school year, but when school gets out in May, Amelia will be home with her daddy every day! And mommy will sadly be at work. However we have a new schedule and I'll be off at lunch time on Fridays, so I can't complain. And I always have the evenings and weekends with our little monkey. I love having so much daylight when I get home from work. More 7 p.m. photo shoots to come, I'm sure!

I hope you all had a great Easter, and I look forward to seeing your kiddos' photos too!


Anonymous said...

This baby just melts my heart everytime I see her. Isn't that the most precious baby you have ever seen. Grammy

~neisha~ said...

my favorite is the first photo with the basket from the "photo re-shoot". She is looking like, "nope, ain't gonna do it".
Beautiful dress, and I love the bow too. the girly clothes really are addictive. gosh. now i see why people say boys are so much "easier" and "cheaper".

lindeymagee said...

i'm going to need to know more about that bow making!

love your dress & there's no such thing as too many pictures on a blog. no. such. thing.