Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Piggly Wiggly prunes mishap

Ok, I said I'd be back later with egg hunting and Easter dress photos, but I just had to tell you about what happened to me yesterday. I'm already looking back on it and laughing, so I know in a few years, when I share this with Amelia, it will be even funnier. However, it was NOT funny to me at the time yesterday.

We've been having some "poop issues," if you will, and I had to stop at the Piggly Wiggly on the way home from work yesterday for prunes. I usually try not to stop anywhere between work and home because if Amelia is not screaming in the backseat, she's asleep and I'd like to keep it that way. She's always so tired after a long day of playing at school. Anyway, she's screaming by the time we park, so I get her out of the carseat and carry her in on my hip. She's not quite big enough to sit up in the cart, and she's not a huge fan of lounging in the carseat on top of the cart, so on my hip she went. I went straight to the baby food aisle and before I could locate the prunes, she spit up ALL OVER HERSELF and me. Of course I have no wipes, so I walk over to the wipes aisle (why couldn't they be on the same aisle?) and open a pack to rescue us from the disgusting situation. I made sure to hold onto the wrapper so I would remember to pay for them when I checked out.

After our clean-up, since it was 5 p.m. by this time and I was in the worst possible place when you're hungry, I walked around picking up various food items I couldn't live without for dinner. (pound cake, strawberries and cool whip, plus a Lean Cuisine, ha) After grabbing a few more essentials, I go towards the counter, baby getting heavier on my hip. I realize then that I have no form of currency at all to pay for my stuff! Oh no! I had taken my debit card out of my wallet to pay for a Kelly's Kids catalog order and left it at home. I never have cash, and I had just written the last check in my wallet the day before. So being a former grocery store employee, I walked around the store to put all my groceries back instead of just abandoning my cart. UGH!

My spit-up covered baby was getting heavier by the second and was ticked off when I put her back in the carseat. I was feeling so desperate, because as I said we were having "poop issues," which is probably why she was so cranky, and I really NEEDED those prunes, which meant I would have to go BACK to the store after going home to get money.

Luckily my mom called during my desperation and said my dad happened to be in town and he picked up the prunes for us. I didn't get any pound cake, and I ended up eating frozen pizza for supper, but at least Amelia got her prunes! She wasn't a fan, but I forced some down her. We'll see if things "come out" a little bit better when I pick her up today.

Oh the joys of being a mother! I've been pretty lucky so far not to have any major breakdowns in public, but I came close yesterday in the Piggly Wiggly. Luckily I can laugh about it today, and hopefully provide you all, and someday Amelia, with a laugh too!

Edited to add: Allison, you're not the only one who's asked me about the open wipes. The answer is, I put them back on the shelf! That's right- I opened a pack of wipes and left them on the shelf at Piggly Wiggly. I had intentions of coming right back to pay for them, but when my dad brought me the prunes I completely forgot about them! Don't tell anyone at the Pig that it was me! Oh, and for those wondering, Amelia is much better. The prunes did the trick!


~neisha~ said...

LOL I have done this very thing millions of times. It does get funnier as the time goes by.

Maybe Amelia would take to Prune Juice better than the prune baby food....??? Gerber even makes some in the little easy-to-pack-and-take-with-you bottles...

Alison said...

What I'm wondering is what about the open wipes?

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Angela, our pediatrician recc 1 TBLS dark Karo syrup in a bottle of formula for the twins issues. They love it....could try this if Amelia is not crazy about prunes or if you are out.....BTW if works great!!

Amanda said...

Oh my word, Amelia is adorable! Annabeth loves her bows! To answer your question, the pillows were from Pottery Barn last spring. You might be able to find them on ebay or Craigslist or something. Or maybe they have a different pattern this year in the same colors. I hope that helps! Have a great Easter!