Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A few random pics

No real theme to this post, just some randoms from the last couple of weeks. Amelia has been sitting up by herself for a few weeks now, but sometimes she still loses her balance and topples over on her head, so my solution is to surround her with pillows or her boppy and throw some toys in front of her, and she'll occupy herself for quite some time. Look at our little red head playing like a big girl.

The child pretty much hated her bouncer and swing, and really hasn't been a huge fan of the exersaucer and jump-a-roo, but now that she can sit up, she loves to just hang out with her toys. Who knew? We could've saved some money and room in our living room, which has been taken over by Amelia's stuff. I'm thinking it's time to move the swing out since she hasn't gotten in it in like 3 months.

Our cousin, Megan is having some work done to her car and she got a super-fun convertible to drive in the meantime. She dropped by and Amelia just had to have her photo taken in the car. Megan shot these with her camera phone.

Y'all know about my baby's and my mutual love of Britney Spears, so we pretended to be Britney and Sean Preston riding in the convertible.
Amelia just loves Megan. Maybe because they are almost the same size?

But not as much as she loves her mommy!

We went to hear a local band, The Colonels, play at Co-Lin's spring fling tonight, and the theme is Western, so guess who insisted on donning her western apparel?

I got the cowboy hat and boots at my baby shower and have yet to have an opportunity to let Amelia wear them, so this seemed like a great time. Here she is enjoying the band with Daddy, who did not wear his western-wear, ha. He's wearing his "I just got done teaching class" outfit. He's also wearing his "I didn't realize my wife was taking my photo" face. Sorry, Cliff.

She didn't hate the band, it was just bright outside. Although they were a little loud for her taste, so we had to move further away.

After just a few minutes, she got so tired that she fell asleep sitting straight up in my lap! One second she's looking around at everything and chewing on a toy, the next thing I notice, she's passed out sitting up. Love it.

I think this may be a record on this blog, but I have just completed a post featuring a series of photos and Amelia is bowless in every single one! Don't worry, t's just a coincidence. There's no way we are giving up on bows. They are here to stay. At least until she's big enough to jerk them off her head and refuse to wear them.

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Katie Furr said...

oh my gosh. that last one. i have no words, i just want to squeeze her!