Tuesday, April 21, 2009


These are for you, Uncle Chris and Aunt Kathryn. They live in Arkansas and haven't seen Amelia in a couple of months.

The first video is of Amelia laughing while I'm tickling her. The second one I took tonight while she was playing with her new penguin toy her Grammy got for her. And the third one is a few weeks old, but it features one of Amelia's newest favorite things to do, blowing raspberries. It's so much fun watching her discover new things she can do. Notice how unsteady she still was while trying to sit up. What a difference a few weeks makes!

Edited to add: I really should apologize to Cliff. In the penguin video, he didn't realize I was filming and he was acting exceptionally gooberish trying to make Amelia smile and laugh. I have no shame anymore when it comes to my baby, so I don't care that I look and sound dumb as long as she likes it. But I should have told him before I shared it with the world wide web! He is being a good sport and letting me keep it on here, but he doesn't like it! Ha ha. I happen to think it's awesome that he will act silly to make our baby girl happy!

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Deare Diary said...

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Aunt Judy