Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend with friends

Friday we went to Bryce's birthday party and Amelia finally got to meet one of her future BFFs, Joy. Joy's mom is Neisha. They'll be in the same class in the fall, so we were glad they finally got to hang out together.

As you can see, they loved each other. Amelia's totally going for a hug here.

Now they're holding hands. Such sweet babies! Amelia is 6 weeks older than Joy.

Then Sunday afternoon I helped host a bridal shower for Nina, one of my BFFs from college. Amelia got to see several of my friends that haven't seen her since she was a newborn. And she got to meet another future BFF, Madelyn. Madelyn is my friend Misti's sweet girl. She's 8 weeks older than Amelia.

They were fascinated with each other. Amelia couldn't stop touching Madelyn's hair. I'm sure she was wondering why Madelyn has so much more hair than her! Sorry, Amelia, but if you're anything like Mommy, it will be a while before you get that ponytail :( We'll just keep wearing headbands to hold up our big bows! BTW, I made the one she's wearing to match her dress. Isn't it precious? This was take two with the egg hunting dress since she slept through the photo ops last time. Look at those sweeties in their monogrammed dresses!

It was impossible to get a shot of them both looking at the camera. Madelyn is crawling and too hard to keep still! In this shot, Amelia is looking at her as if to say, why do you have my toy cell phone? And now she wants my bow!

After she couldn't get her bow, she decided to go for her paci that was clipped to her dress.

Amelia with Linds. I wish she had been looking at the camera.

Smiling at Givens.

Misti and me with our girls

Me and the bride-to-be All the hostesses on a fabulous couch

Co-Lin friends plus a little wolf doing our Wolfpack sign. Nina insists on a Wolfpack photo every time we get together.

Amelia and I had such a good time seeing our friends. In a couple of weeks, we'll be off to NOLA to celebrate the end of Nina's single life, and then the weekend after that is her wedding. She and David are high school sweethearts. It's about time, guys!


Carmen said...

Amelia is so cute! And Madelyn too! We will find out on the 15th if big bows and monograms are in my future. Have a great week!

Amanda Smith said...

Yall all look super cute! And I LOVE the bow you made!