Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finally a smiling photo!

Our next "real" professional photo shoot is scheduled for the 18th, but we wanted to take advantage of the pretty wild flowers and weeds before they died, so Lindey suggested we do a little mini-shoot to take advantage of the scenery while it lasted. And I'm so glad she did. Amelia did great, and the result is absolutely beautiful. Lindey continues to amaze me with her talent! I love that she knows what I like and exactly how to capture a fabulous photo of my sweet baby. The real proofs won't be up until after our next shoot, but go here to see a sneak peak on her blog. Also check out the photography site where she features Amelia and her precious little Pailyn among other adorable babies in her slideshows.


Alison said...

Those are amazing! Her expressions are priceless. Who knew weeds could make such a pretty background? She's a doll.

Katie said...

if i had a blog, it would be about what a big Lindey Magee fan i am. and that is the truth.

lindey said...

i *puffy heart* love you all :o) realize the part you had in pulling out an expressive miss amelia...pat yourself on the back!

Katie said...

it was a great group effort! haha.

i want to be lindey's assistant. pro bono. hahahaha.

lindeymagee said...

katie i'm just seeing that comment, lol.
i might be planning on asking you two to help me out with the roo's 6ish month shoot. i need cat-like reflexes, silly face & sound makers, and someone to help me take any trespassing heat i may find myself in ;o)