Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A few randoms for your enjoyment

Before going on a stroll on her half-birthday last week. It was sunny, but no way will she keep those glasses on for me anymore. This pic made me laugh because I always do that with my sunglasses and reading glasses.

How many photos do I have like this? Yet, I can never resist a sleepy stoller shot. This is pretty much how every stroll ends. And no, she wouldn't keep the bow on for me either. We're working on it.
Mulit-tasking Daddy. Talking on the phone, grading papers and trying to keep his ice cream away from Amelia. I offered no help, just had to take a quick photo. He was occupying her while I got her bath ready. She really wanted that ice cream. I told her it was a weight watchers bar, but she wanted it anyway.
Proof that my hair appointment tomorrow can't come soon enough, but how cute does my girl look in her madras dress and flower headband?

More to come this week as Cliff enjoys his first night alone with Amelia without me. I'll be in New Orleans with the bachelorette, where it will become painfully obvious that I am an old soul at 27. I'd much rather eat Domino's on the couch with my hubby and baby, but it's Nina's night and I will be there for her, as she has been for me. It'll be fun to be with my girlfriends, however, I am not looking forward to leaving my baby! I have no doubt that Cliff and Amelia will be fine without me, but I just. don't. like. it. one. bit.

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lindey said...

the question is...are you in mine? lol :o)

we really should have snapped their pic together :( ...it crossed my mind, but no follow through...i always regret when i don't follow through!

it's not nice to for me to go on & on about the other days session...but seriously; i'm in love with the images...just straight out of the camera in love!