Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Weekend

The wedding festivites are over, and I'm glad because I'm too pooped to imagine participating in another event. When you're a working mom, weekends are precious, and since I've been out of pocket for the past few weekends, I've gotten nothing done around the house, and I've been exhausted. Luckily I have a "house husband" these days, so without him, we'd really be living in filth!

I'll have to do a post later this week about Cliff and his little buddy who are lucky enough to get to hang out together while Mommy is at work this summer. But for now, here are a few pics from the wedding. I was lazy and didn't take a single photo! But luckily the other girls were there snapping, so I have a few to share.

Misti and I before the wedding.
And with our girls after the ceremony. Everything was so pretty out by the lake.

With my boo and our girl. I've missed her so much lately since I've had to leave her a good bit to do wedding stuff. We caught up on our snuggling by taking a nice long nap on the couch together yesterday after church.

I hate myself for not getting a pic with the beautiful bride. At least her photographer got one of us together before the wedding.

And now for a few from the bachelorette party. Nina loves a theme, so we couldn't just do a regular bachelorette party. Oh no, our theme was "Wigging out cuz Nina's getting married!" Here are a few of us silly girls in our wigs.

I felt so sassy with my short pink hair! Misti's ridiculous pig tails made me laugh so hard.

We all pretty much spent the whole night laughing at each other.

Not something I plan to do again any time soon. I am a mother, after all! But it was fun to be carefree and silly for a few hours.

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Katie said...

Congratulations to Nina and David, first and foremost!

And cute pictures!