Monday, March 9, 2009

Amelia's dedication

Sunday was Amelia's dedication service at church. For those of you who don't know, a baby dedication is the Baptist version of a christening. We believe that baptism is a choice that is made following a personal decision to follow Christ. So, we celebrate our babies' lives by having a service to display our desires to dedicate our children to the Lord and to commit to raising them as He would have us. Some churches do one big service for several babies, but ours lets each child have his or her own special service.

We couldn't have asked for a sweeter service or a better-behaved Amelia. She was so good through the whole service and was quite the performer for all her fans over lunch. I'll just let the pics tell the story. (As always, thanks to Aunt Katie for being the official photographer for the event).

We were so glad that out-of-towners, Chris and Kathryn and Ann and Joe were able to share the event with us. I'm also glad my brother Jeremy was able to make it after drill. He will be leaving for his second tour in Iraq soon. Please keep him in your prayers. We were sad that Nana was sick and had to miss seeing Amelia. We'll bring her to see you soon, Nana!

Here we are in front of the church listening to Bro. Ken's words. He led us in a vow dedicating Amelia to God and a commitment to raise her as the Bible teaches.

Then my dad sang a special song called "Always be a child."

Cliff's dad said a prayer. Posing after the service.

Kisses from Daddy

Running into one of our BFFs, Adalyn after church. Their birthdays are a week apart.
Making a face at her friend Bryce's mom, Erin!

Getting some love from Daddy's former baby-sitter, Bethany. (It was too bright for her to open her eyes!)

Then we invited everyone over to our house for lunch. My first attempt at entertaining for a crowd this large. It was a success! (With a little cooking help from my mom. Thanks again!)

A couple of sweet pics. My brother just loves Amelia. And she loves him too! She will have to send him videos while he's in Iraq.

Sitting with Uncle Chris. He hadn't seen her since Christmas and hardly put her down all weekend! He shared a little with Aunt Kathryn.

At long last, a few smiling shots! She was such a little ham, just grinning at everyone. She knew it was her special day!

You can't see her, but Amelia is on the couch while everyone around makes goo-goo faces and noises trying to get a laugh.

It was finally time to come out of the precious white dress. But not without a photo of her in just her bloomers and a bow! New comfy outfit, and of course a new bow!
Papaw Fred finally gets a turn to hold the baby.

As you can see, we had a wonderful day. We're so blessed to have Amelia in our family and to have so many people who love her. When everyone left, the three of us took a nice Sunday afternoon nap and worked on getting our lost hour back. I have a few more cute weekend pics and some adorable videos to post later in the week, so check back for more Amelia. You know in our lives and on this blog, it's all Amelia, all the time!


Deare Diary said...

Those are some really good pictures. My favorite was the sweet ones of her and Jeremy. I saw Larry but where is Kathy?

Amanda Smith said...

These picture are precious! What a sweet memory for yall!

lindey said...

what a sweet day & she looked beautiful!
i have no doubt we'll have smiling amelia pics for her next session :o) cutie!
also...the two pics with your brother are totally heart warming! God bless him for serving & he'll be in my prayers!

Angela said...

Thanks guys! Aunt Judy, Mama was definitely there, but escaped most of the pics. You can see her elbow (in gray)in the pic of me in the kitchen. She helped by making a yummy german choc. cake and a big ole pan of mac and cheese!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry I could not be there for such a special occasion. It just didnt work out for me and Katie in the end. I really tried, after cancelling and re-booking our flight twice, and then we still couldnt be there....I know Bobby was not happy, but things like this happen, and I am sure it is not the last time...for either of us. The pictures are great and I am glad I could see them here, everyone looked so happy. I have a little something for Amelia, I will send it back with Bobby this weekend. Miss you guys! Love, Joyce

Angela said...

Thanks, Joyce. I'm sorry y'all couldn't make it. It's so hard trying to get schedules together with out of town family and a basketball coach for a daddy!