Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A few more pics from the weekend

I was so busy getting things ready for Sunday that I didn't take a single photo all weekend. Can you believe it? Luckily, Aunt Katie always has her camera handy and captured a few shots while she, Uncle Chris and Aunt Kathryn were hanging out with the baby. I had to post these for y'all, Chris and Kathryn!

I love classic baby toys such as these keys. Amelia likes them too.

Love how you can see one of the many framed photos we have of her in the background. I'm trying to not to let them take over the whole house, but it's hard. At least I can't afford giant canvases of every print. That would look ridiculous. Not affording them is probably the only thing that is stopping me.
The aunts and uncle took her for a stroll Sat. afternoon while I cooked for Sunday. That stroller puts her right to sleep. I can't get enough of sleeping baby photos.

Rare pics with Aunt Katie on the other end of the camera.

She discovered her toes! Hasn't tried to eat them yet, but I'm sure it's coming soon.

Hanging out on a pallet on the porch.

There's just something about Uncle Chris' fingers that look like a delicious teether.

Ok, that's it for our busy weekend! Next week we have Spring Break- yay! One of the many perks of working in education. I remind myself of these perks when I'm sad that I can't afford a giant canvas of all my baby's photos (among other things I can't afford). I can't wait to spend the whole week with Cliff and Amelia. We couldn't plan to do much ahead of time because there was a chance that Cliff would be at the national tourney in Kansas, but now that we know he'll be home, we'll find something to get into. Photos to come later!

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lindey said...

gasp! giant canvasas covering the walls...rediculous?! i.think.not!
;o) only half kidding there.

the photos are fabulous-hi to aunt katie!...that blanket on the porch needs to come out at our next session...beautiful!

some beautiful little brag cards arrived today! i stole one for myself already :o)